Tampa Bay Independent Film Risks and Scams
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Let’s make this clear.
There are a lot of scams in independent film in the Tampa Bay area.
A scam is generally someone achieving something, or benefitting from, a lie, or misleading someone for some purpose.
As a rule of thumb, whenever you have a scene which is a general failure because it has yet to be established, and which is populated by unprofessionals and amateurs, most of whom are insecure and unethical and will do anything to make money, you will have scams. In the absence of progress and prosperity, most of what you have to deal with are, sadly, scams. Also, if anyone lies about you to someone else, that, too, is a scam, and there is a LOT of that going on, too; it seems that if someone claiming to be a filmmaker see’s you as competition, they get scared and make up lies about you in order to attack your credibility.
There is a saying that you are what you do, and knowing many of the characters which infest the Tampa Bay independent film scene, there is no surprise that there are scams.
It is our observation, and opinion, that there are more scams in Tampa Bay independent film than for any other industry, including photography and modeling, and that is a statement.
This independent film scam section will have definitions of scams common to the Tampa Bay area, but will have a scenario-based front end, and which will also tie in closely with our Interactive Tutorials, the Interactive Tutorial concept and technology originally developed for our sister modeling resource sites, but which were adapted and debuted here.
Since many scams are jobs scams, this section will also tie in with our audition and job board, which will link directly to relevant sections in our scam database.
These resources will be developed and deployed on Tampa Bay Film in the 2015, and will make a tremendous difference by 2016.

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