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TAMPA BAY FILMWe come for war. Actress and model Harmony Layne is at the front line in the war for change in Tampa Bay independent film.


November 7, 2016

NOTICE: Preparation for Passinault’s first films underway. Taking out the local independent film trash and predatory film schools to pave the way for the next generation of local filmmakers, the establishment of the first independent film community, and the founding of a genuine, respectable, groundbreaking independent film industry in Tampa Bay. - 11/07/16/0607
Long delayed over the past decade, Tampa Bay Film Editor C. A. Passinault has spent a lot of time building support infrastructure that he needs in order to make independent films, much of which was done in 2015 when he invested heavily into getting his audio and multimedia production studio up to speed, and is now finalizing production infrastructure to make a series of short independent films covering a wide range of genres. These independent films will make up a portfolio of short independent films which he can use to pitch investors for the production of state of the art feature films using cutting-edge equipment, much of that equipment also needed for event and interactive theme event support for his event planning company, as well as video content for the Internet.
Those more ambitious feature films are years off, however, as Passinault realizes that his filmmaking career is a long-term investment, much like his investment into Tampa Bay Film and related support infrastructure, and that he needs to take his time and do things right before attempting to make a living in independent film. Until then, he will be supported by his powerful, market-leading photography and design services business, his event planning and production business, and his stage production business.
His independent film and production work will also benefit with the in-house support of his businesses, such as retaining what he considers to be the best photography and design company in Florida, Aurora PhotoArts, which he owns.
Although the production work will be kept highly secret for some time, the production work of all of his films will be the most heavily documented out of any films or movies ever produced in Florida, as it will be used to create inspiring instructional content for a FREE online film school in the future, primarily published on Tampa Film Revolution and on Independent Film Revolution. This will serve to inspire a new generation of independent filmmakers to start making independent films, filmmakers that the Tampa Bay area will need to establish the first real independent film community and to, eventually, establish an innovative and productive local independent film industry where filmmakers and their projects will be justifiably respected, and which the Tampa Bay market will finally export independent films instead of being seen as some location for Hollywood to do another dumb movie, an industry where all filmmakers benefit. It will also serve to undermine and cripple predatory film school schemes operated by failed filmmakers at the expense of aspiring filmmakers, which has been a problem for years, and is a symptom of a weak and dysfunctional independent film scene. These predatory film school schemes teach things which are practically useless to new filmmakers, as they teach the Hollywood way, and the result is that they make money at the expense of those interested in filmmaking because those “students” become discouraged and never become independent filmmakers. As a result, the core group of “filmmakers” keeps any potential competition beat down and out, crippling the local film scene, undermining any hope of establishing a film industry, and continuing to do as they please, mostly at the expense of others.
With Passinault experiencing discrimination and slander from many of the current players in the local independent scene, he has washed his hands of it and has condemned most of it. With so-called filmmakers catering to the lowest common denominator with cheap, pointless, bloody exploitation and “cult” films, which is in no way representative of what a real independent film scene should be, Passinault has determined that we need a new independent film scene with a new generation of independent filmmakers, and that the trash needs to be taken out.
This said, Passinault is not against grindhouse, cult, horror, and related genres. He just doesn’t think that the current efforts are being done right, don’t do the genres justice, and do nothing to help establish a genuine, professional independent film scene. In preparation for a new generation of filmmakers who will do those genres justice, Passinault has invested in properties blocking current filmmakers from what they need, reserving them for what is coming, and is conducting an aggressive campaign to undermine what is here, now. Passinault now owns a large portfolio of domain names, too, all .Coms, including, but hardly limited to, Florida Horror, Tampa Bay Arthouse (what independent films primarily need to be in order to establish and maintain a thriving local independent film scene and industry), Tampa Bay Grindhouse, Tampa Bay Horror, Tampa Bay Horror Film Festival, Tampa Bay Film School, Tampa Bay Film Workshop, Tampa Bay Entertainment Industry, Independent Film Revolution, Florida Independent Film, Tampa Bay Film Community, Florida Arthouse, Florida Grindhouse, and Florida Entertainment Industry.
Once established as an independent filmmaker, and once he has several good films behind him, Passinault will expand on his free online film school with FREE collaborative independent film production workshops, with practical instruction in cost-effective filmmaking which is actually relevant to independent filmmaking, and not the Hollywood way of making movies, which most aspiring filmmakers do not have the resources to do.
These free workshops, which are superior to the predatory film schools even if they cost more, will destroy the market for the predatory film schools and put them out of business. They will open the doors for hundreds of new independent filmmakers to begin making films in the Tampa Bay area, which is exactly what our area needs.
Passinault has also instructed his network of powerful talent resource web site, many of which are used by professional actors and talent, to educate actors and talent what to avoid in independent film; essentially, most of the current filmmakers will be cut off from actors and talent that they need to make their so-called “films” with, and there isn’t anything that they can do about it except try to clean up their act.
Anyone wanting to cater to the garbage of independent film, creating trashy exploitation and so-called “cult” films, are going to produce themselves right out of business, as they will not be able to compete with what is coming, and some creative and revolutionary independent films created by a next generation of independent filmmakers, independent filmmakers which have long been discriminated against and attacked by the neurotic, insecure amateurs whom make up the majority of the current independent film scene; those amateur filmmakers will be displaced.
True support of independent film, Passinault realizes, is not to support everything; something that people such as Lisa the blogger never comprehended, as she, in our opinion, blindly supported anything called an independent film and anyone calling themselves a filmmaker. To support independent film is to be selective about what is supported, and to do some weeding, or culling.
A garden full of weeds is never productive.
Passinault is also introducing some checks and balances into the local market which will keep current filmmakers in check.

11/07/16/0607 - 11/12/16/0531


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