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We come for war. Actress and model Harmony Layne is at the front line in the war for change in Tampa Bay independent film.UPDATES

05/28/14/1251 - Updated Indie Film List. Is Chris Woods Lost?
Added some independent film titles, most of which have been, or have been, produced in the Tampa Bay area, to our list of films that we are going to review. Shaking our heads over the utter and total trashy crap that Chris Woods and his partner John Miller are producing and pushing, as what they are doing will set back independent film in Tampa Bay, in our opinion. You guys will get the reviews that you will deserve, and if what we have seen so far is anything to go on, those reviews will not be nice (some of your films will be screened in front of an audience for a peer group review, too, at an upcoming Sunburn Film Festival event). This couple has produced some of the worst independent films ever produced in the Tampa Bay area, in our opinion, with drek such as "Taste Me" and "Vomit Soup". Has Chris Woods sold out to tasteless trash? He used to be one of the best filmmakers in the area! What's next? "Johnny take me that way"?

05/22/14/0836 - Tampa Bay Film: Ready For Action.
We just finished a check on Tampa Bay Film and its sites, which included search engine checks, and we are very happy with the results and the position that we are in.
Phase one is complete, and Tampa Bay Film and our fleet of new web sites are armed and ready for action. We can begin regular updates shortly.
Some of the things that we will be working on will be relaunching our online film festival, which has had a history of setting standards, success, and dominance, restoring our film blog by republishing its 500+ pages of content on this site (editing it, enhancing it, and organizing it correctly this time), and publishing independent film reviews, independent filmmakers profiles and filmography (see below, at the bottom, for our list), and other articles. Independent filmmaking tutorials, anecdotes, and filmmaking articles will be published on Tampa Film Revolution, too, the online publication of Tampa Bay Film.
Our underground film festivals will begin the Fall of 2014 with the debut of the Sunburn Film Festival, of which there will be over 6 a year. The Sunburn Film Festival will succeed where the Tampa Film Review and the Coffeehouse Film Review film festivals failed.
Phase two will come later in 2014, as we publish several new web sites to support Tampa Bay Film. These new web sites will be powerful. We will also develop web sites of domain names which we have in reserve, such as a new web site for the Tampa Bay Film Commission domain name. We will develop and deploy advanced new film festival web sites to go after the big film festivals in the Tampa Bay market, such as Gasparilla (GIFF) and Sunscreen, which we feel need to be put in their places.
Our film festival web sites, such as the Tampa Bay Film Showcase, the Reverence Film Festival, and the Revolution Film Festival, will be updated and maintained, as will our Tampa Bay Film Conference and Tampa Bay Film Community web sites, even though all of these event and support properties are on hold, and will probably remain on hold for several more years. We can wait until the independent film scene in Tampa Bay is ready for what we have to offer, because, currently, our efforts would be wasted on what is here. It is not ready.
In the meantime, our online film festival and our underground film festivals can carry us in the film festival area.
That’s not to say that we will not cover what is out there. There are some film festivals and events that we will cover, and we will have to do so to get up to speed to what we will eventually do. Marketing tools such as Tampa Bay Film cards will be printed in June 2014.
At any rate, we are very happy about how Tampa Bay Film and its sites are positioned, and were actually laughing about the search results on what we ran last night. We’ve never been more ready for what is coming.

03/28/14/1953 - Tampa Bay Film Back Online.
After a few days offline, and several months with no updates, Tampa Bay Film is now back online.
We’ve been busy doing work in other industries, two other fronts in our three front agenda, independent film being the third front, but a front which is equally important.
A professional independent filmmaking industry in Tampa Bay will be established, one which all professional independent filmmakers will benefit from, and independent film here will finally earn the credibility and the respect that it needs.
We are Tampa Bay Film, and we are the voice of Tampa Bay independent film. We are going to use that voice, and we will not be ignored.
This said, we are still busy at the moment, and it will be later this Spring before work can resume work on this site. Work will resume, however, and this site, as well as our agenda, is very important.
One huge feature that we will be looking forward to is launching our new online film festival this Summer. This online film festival will directly tie into our reviews section, too, as well as other relevant sections.
Also this Summer we will begin our film festivals with our flagship underground film festival, the Sunburn Film Festival. The Sunburn Film Festival is a small, ongoing underground film festival and peer group review where invited professionals gather together to watch and review independent films. These elite film festivals will be private events which can be mobilized and executed quickly and at little cost. They will be covered like a traditional film festival, however, making them just as visible and effective as one, just after they happen.
2014 will be an exciting time as the future of independent film in Tampa Bay is defined, and will finally begin.
- 0328142025 - 0411142102

09/29/13/0621 - Tampa Bay Film Work.
We are currently writing a coverage article about the Halloween Horror Picture Show film festival, which happened in Northdale in Tampa yesterday, which was the first film festival supporting independent filmmakers here in five years, in our opinion. We attended, and it was refreshing. This coverage will be published later.
The online film festival should be online in October 2013, with its first group of 16 independent films playing in the online film festival section and their corresponding reviews published in our reviews section. New films and reviews will be added regularly. New content, such as articles, interactive tutorials, tutorials, and tools will also be published, as well as new content on our film blog.
Tampa Bay Film will be upgraded to a full 3rd Generation talent and industry resource web site by early 2014, as what is online now is more like a prototype of a 3rd Generation talent resource web site, and needs more work done and new tools deployed.
Expect new posts and content on our Tampa Film Revolution web site, too, as this is long overdue.
Our film festival and film event web sites will be updated soon, which is needed to support events starting in 2014, which will begin with our underground film festivals, such as the Sunburn Film Festival and independent film peer group review events.
The first public film festival produced by Tampa Bay Film is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2015. This is the Reverence horror film festival and theme event. The support infrastructure for this new type of film festival will be complete by the Summer of 2014, along with a new web site. We will begin accepting independent film submissions for this film festival in late 2014. Please note that the Reverence Film Festival will NOT be competing with Danford’s Halloween Horror Picture Show horror film festival, which is different than what Reverence is (you’ll see. Both are very different, and have different purposes, and they compliment each other). Both are needed, and the Reverence Film Festival will specifically avoid being scheduled on the same weekend as the HHPS, and Reverence will freely promote it.
We will also be increasing coverage of film festivals, events, and news in Tampa Bay independent film which others are doing, beginning with an investment into resources that we will need to do the job at the level, and the consistency, which is necessary. Yesterday’s coverage was good, and we had a presence at the film festival, but we could do much better, and we will by 2014.

09/10/13/0930 - Still tied up with other projects. At the very least, however, we will begin updating and adding Tampa Film Blog posts to the Tampa Bay Film Blog on this site sometime this month, with several posts added per week, starting with the most current and working our way back. The entire 600+ pages of content of the Tampa Film Blog will be online here on this site by early 2014. We will also get the new online film festival and the review section online this Fall, although it now looks like it will be Spring 2014 before we get to over 100 films on the online film festival and over 100 film reviews published in our film review section. It will take time, but it will get done. We certainly have time, with most major Tampa Bay Film projects, the beginning of many, not due for another year. With Lisa's film blog a failure, and no longer online, we can take our time with the blog posts, too, as we no longer have competition in that area. Likewise, we have very little competition in every other area of the Tampa Bay independent film scene, as well, with our opposition largely eliminated as a result of the Tampa indie film war, which began in early 2008, over five years ago. They should have never tried to take on Tampa Bay Film. They lost. We won, and continue to win. The Tampa indie film war is now an ongoing cold war with opposition which is on the level of third world countries, as we no longer have any peer level competition, if we ever did. Still, Passinault is now considering a new round of all-out, cutting-edge attacks on, which is our opinion to be, unethical and unprofessional elements on the Tampa indie film scene, which could last until we clean up the market in 2014 in order to pave the way for what is coming; at the very least, these attacks will test our new tactics and technologies. For more about what we are planning, please check out the August 2013 issue of Frontier Pop. We will also be posting a battle damage assessment of the Tampa Bay independent film scene on Tampa Film Revolution.

08/09/13/1914 - Attached TampaBayFilm.Com marketing and branding domain name, which has been offline and parked for several months, to this site today. This site is now live under that domain name (It was not promoted, and was kept on the down-low, until today, and will be marketed under that domain name. Until today this site's operating domain was a secret). Marketing resumes next month. Due to other web site work, it will be at least a week, at the earliest, before we do any work to this web site, which includes bringing the new online film festival and the review section online. We will also update and publish content from the old Tampa Film Blog on the new Tampa Bay Film Blog this Fall (some out there may have wished for the information to go away, but it will not, and by next year it will be very easy to find through Internet searches). This afternoon, we also renewed five domain names for Tampa Bay Film sites (and there are more than that in total); our investment into the future of independent film in Tampa Bay is strong!

07/24/13/0912 - We are still holding on those updates, due to being hung up on the web site work for Aurora PhotoArts. We will not be able to do any updates until early August at the earliest, but once those updates begin, they will be aggressive. It looks like we will not be making our 100 film playlist by September, as it was planned, but we will get as many films online as possible by then, and expect the number to be around 50. Adding any more than the number that we had planned, which maxed us out in consideration for optimal SEO performance, is simply not possible, because the content has to be crawled and indexed. So, it's actually a good thing that we were delayed, because after the first 16 films and their reviews are online, we will be able to add a more leisurely, and more comprehensive, 4 to 7 films a week. With the other content that we have to add, this is more balanced, and we will not be overloading the search engines. Once we begin, we will be constantly updating, with content added almost daily. We will get there, but it is taking time. We should be rerouting TampaBayFilm.Com to this web site within a week, however, and will easily exceed our 100 film and review goal for the online film festival and the review section, respectively, by later this year. Thank you for your patience!

07/05/13/0820 - Tampa Bay Film will begin aggressive updates the week of July 14, 2013, or slightly before, as we have some reviews and blog posts that we have to update and republish (both our online review site and the Tampa Film Blog have been down long enough to begin transferring their libraries of content to our new site, which is right here). Around this time, we will also reactivate our TampaBayFilm.Com branding and marketing domain name, and point it here.
Our new online film festival should be online with its initial playlist of 16 independent films and their reviews on the morning of Sunday, July 21, 2013. Because we are trying to get the online film festival to a playlist of 100 films by September, with their associated reviews also published in our independent film review section, we will be adding an average of 2 films and their reviews a day until we reach our goal.
Tampa Bay Film will be our most updated site for several months to come, as the new site has already been online just over 3 months, and it has been mostly just sitting here. This will change. Our front page will feature a giant update log, linking to the latest updates.
We are also going to be resuming the publication of Tampa Film Revolution, our online publication, which has been on standby for over a year because we’ve been really busy fixing some web site issues with our other sites.
Tampa Bay Film business cards and branded merchandise, which includes bumper stickers, beverage containers, coffee cups, and shirts, will be available next month, in August. Aggressive promotion of Tampa Bay Film will begin in September 2013.

06/14/13/0900 - Tampa Bay Film will be updated soon. Due to other web site projects and obligations, commencement of regular updates and the re launch of our online film festival has been delayed.
Our apologies to anyone who is frustrated with the lack of updates, especially if you have been waiting patiently. It will be worth the wait.

05/11/13/0858 - Regular content publication and heavy updates to Tampa Bay Film will begin next month. This new web site is performing well above expectations. Our voice will not only be heard, but it will be dominant! Instead of taking on the existing market, which is not actually in competition with us (We would if it were, however. They lucked out!), Tampa Bay Film will now pursue a strategy focusing on independent film, of which there are few alternatives currently in the Tampa Bay market. Our first Sunburn Film Festival, Private , invitation-only underground film festivals where a group of professionals and film fans (not that one. She gave up, and she is not objective and critical enough to be invited, anyway!) review independent films, especially locally produced ones, are scheduled to start in August 2013.

05/11/13/0850 - Our new online film festival, launching with 16 independent films, will launch the weekend of May 18, 2013, almost two months after the site launched, and will add at least 4 indie films a week to its play list. Each film will be reviewed in our review section, too. We expect to have at least 76 independent films playing on the online film festival by September 1 (and we will be trying to get at least 100 online by that date, which means that we would have to add 6 films per week, which would bring us to 105 independent films and their reviews by the target date, a 50% increase in publication frequency to offset the almost-two month delay) and their accompanying reviews.

04/16/13/0900 - New Tampa Bay Film Blog post: - Tampa Bay independent film war goes cold. New site performance. Upcoming Tampa Bay Film features.

04/16/13/0900 - Previous Tampa Bay Film Blog post: New Tampa Bay Film Blog Online.

03/23/13/1200 - New Tampa Bay Film site launched under its new Tampa Bay Independent Film operating domain name.

Tampa Bay Film. The voice of Tampa Bay independent film.


Welcome to the 2013 official web site of Tampa Bay Film, the voice of Tampa Bay independent film! This is an all-new web site for our six year old web site, and it is now operating from a new operating domain name so that we can more effectively cover and regulate Tampa Bay Independent Film. This new web site has re integrated our old stand-alone sites such as the online film festival and the Tampa Film Blog (now the Tampa Bay Film Blog), which have been improved and are now built into the new site.
Founded in 2006 and online on January 11, 2007, Tampa Bay Film has had a rather rough development period compared to its sister sites such as Tampa Bay Modeling. Tampa Bay Film has gone through many iterations, and recently became a meta site (a network of 8 interconnected Super Raptor sites). Some changes with the Internet, however, made that strategy backfire in early 2012, so, in late 2012, it was decided that we would simply start over from scratch, creating a group of at least 16 new web sites which are not interconnected, learning from the mistakes of the past and applying new breakthroughs. The result of that is this new Tampa Bay Film site, which uses a new late 3rd Generation Revolution Class web site. Our new strategy, which we began working on in the summer of 2012, is working, and all of our new sites are now at the top of targeted search results. The old Super Raptor Class Tampa Bay Film site was taken offline to prepare for this new one in February 2013, and this new site went online on March 23, 2013. Although we are online and operational, the next 6 months is a working development phase, and will be used to get this new site up to speed, with constant, consistent updates. In September 2013, we will attach our TampaBayFilm.Com marketing and branding domain name to this new site, and will then begin to aggressively promote it. At the time of this writing, our TampaBayFilm.Com domain name is on standby, and it is not working, as it is not attached to this site, yet. This is intentional, and it was necessary, as the domain is now going to be used for marketing and branding, and not for the actual web site.
Our new online film festival will launch with 16 films, with their accompanying reviews in our new independent film review section following shortly. After that, we will add about 4 independent films to the online film festival every week. The reason that we will limit the additions to 4 films added per week is to allow the films to be properly indexed in search results, and, with our new policy that every film has to have a review, each film added will be immediately reviewed. If you do the math, that will be at least 96 films added and 96 matching film reviews by September, 2013. This fall, our new online film festival will exceed the size of our old one (which, for those of you who noticed, was dominant, and was highly successful, for the past few years. We could have continued it, but it was decided that it would be better if we added it to the new site, instead, with upgrades, and took the old one offline), and our review section will be even larger, because we will be reviewing a lot more independent films, film festivals, and events than what is on our online film festival. Tampa Bay Film will obtain, and review, every independent film made in the Tampa Bay area and Florida, and those films will be aggressively reviewed.
Speaking of reviewing independent films, especially the ones made in Tampa Bay and Florida, we will be conducting an ongoing series of underground film festival events, starting in late summer, where a group of industry professionals and other invited guests get together to watch and review independent films. This will be the most controversial film festival in the Tampa Bay area, both hated and loved by independent filmmakers, and the controversy starts with the name, the Sunburn Film Festival, which is intended to both play off of and convey a difference from one annual, large local film festival, the Sunscreen Film Festival, which we have come to believe does not do enough to support local indie film (think Slamdance as compared to Sundance, which founded due to anger and a backlash, and although this is comparable, the difference here is that the Sunburn Film Festival is not a public event like the Sunscreen Film Festival is, so it is technically not competing with it, and it has its own purpose, although the after-film festival coverage will be identical here on Tampa Bay Film. Confusion with their film festival is not intended, however, despite the similar names. Although we are not satisfied with what Sunscreen has been doing, we do have to admit that it has a brilliant name, and it is more creative than the derivative and unoriginal “Gasparilla International Film Festival”, or “GIFF”, a film festival born of questionable politics between the film commission and some filmmakers with questionable motives, in our opinion, as we were there at the beginning to witness its conception and formation, and another large film festival that we have an issue with.) The Sunburn Film Festival is a small, private, invitation-only event series. Good films will be praised and promoted, and bad films, which make up the majority of current films being made locally, in our opinion, will be ripped apart, hence the “burn” in the title. We will be fair, though. No longer will we have just one reviewer posting a review on a film, although we will continue with those types of reviews, too. We will also have groups of people reviewing films and voicing their opinions. Although the Sunburn Film Festival is our flagship underground film festival, not deigned or intended to be a large, public film festival event, it will be covered just like a large film festival event, with photographs, video, interviews, reviews, and more! This will make it just as visible as the large film festivals, and more-so when you consider that these small, scrappy, genuinely cool, trendy film festivals will happen much more frequently. We plan on having a Sunburn Film Festival event every few months, with as many as 6 per year, using assorted media ranging from DVD’s of independent films, to indie films playing on our online film festival. We will have a lot of people weighing in on those films, and some filmmakers will not like it, which will give them further incentive to make better films. There will be other underground film festival events, too, such as our Halloween Drive-In “film festival in a car”, which will no longer be called the Halloween Drive-In because we did not buy the domain name and protect it like we should have, and a company in Canada took it (we are now protecting all of our film festival, event, and underground film festival events with domain names and stand-alone web sites, as well as trademarks, the latter something that others should learn from). The other underground film festivals will have specific purposes and formats, and will not happen nearly as much as the Sunburn Film Festival events. The underground film festivals will outnumber all other film festivals in Florida, and will be used to build buzz and support our other, larger, conventional, public film festival and indie film event properties. Our first public film festival event, which will be an annually held advanced “theme” film festival event for horror and exploitation films, will be the Reverence Film Festival, which is currently scheduled for the fall of 2015 (we are aware now that Rick Danford will be continuing his Halloween Horror Picture Show annual film festival events, starting this fall, and we will be completely supporting it. We will schedule the Reverence Film Festival around the HHPS so that we do not compete and conflict, out of respect and support, unlike other large film festivals which will surely be crippled when they come up against our events. Our film festivals, in our opinion, will make film festivals like Gasparilla and Sunscreen look bloated, expensive, and less effective, and we expect them to lose sponsors and attendance over our efforts. They will be forced to change and adapt, or face extinction, and, let’s face it, competition is just what they need, regardless, as it is good for the market even if it is not good for them!). This film festival will be built around C. A. Passinault’s Reverence independent film theme, combined with his Realms film and other Halloween elements. Reverence will also have musical and dance performances, and other unique features which we cannot disclose, yet, as well as a keynote presentation. The first Reverence will be used to promote the Tampa Bay Film Showcase monthly film festival and professional networking event series, which is scheduled to begin in January 2016, and will be the backbone on our film festival and independent film event properties. This, of course, is not an underground film festival, and it is a public event series. There will be 12 Tampa Bay Film Showcase film festival events a year, which will overlap with our other film festivals and indie film industry events. The monthly film festival and networking event series will also lead into, and feed into, our flagship annual film festival series, the Revolution Film Festival, which will become the best annual film festival in the Tampa Bay area. The first Revolution Film Festival is scheduled for early 2017. Our first indie film industry event, which will be held annually, will be the Tampa Bay Film Conference, and it is scheduled for Spring 2017. At that time, all of the film festivals and events will be held regularly, and the underground film festivals will be used to fill in the gaps with prestigious, invitation-only, small, private events. All of our film festivals and events are interconnected, with each other as well as our online film festival, and they all support and promote each other for the most advanced, and effective, network of marketing and support events for independent film in the United States. This infrastructure and support will be needed, too, as it is one of our goals to take out the trash and to help the Tampa Bay independent film scene become a genuine community of innovative professionals, a respectable industry, and a worldwide leader in independent filmmaking.
Our review section, too, will have much more than just reviews of independent films. We will be reviewing filmmakers (including over rated Tampa filmmakers Joe Davison and Terence Nuzum, as well as filmmakers like Paul Guzzo and Pete Guzzo), independent film production companies like The Film Ranch, Inspiration Films, and Icon Film Studios, film festivals, independent film events, film schools, workshops, and the Tampa Bay independent film scene (By year. We will retro-apply and write reviews for past years, researching them, going way before Tampa Bay Film even existed). Our film festival coverage and reviews of those film festivals will be extensive, and the best in Florida. We will send dedicated, highly trained teams into film festivals to cover and review them. We will even research and write reviews for film festivals of the past for a complete historial record of all Tampa Bay film festivals. We will also have huge, special sections for the Coffehouse Film Review and the Tampa Film Review, with large write-ups and reviews of each of those monthly film festival events, as well as including embedded video files of all of the relevant films which are online so that you can watch the films that were shown at that particular CFR/TFR event, follow the reviews, and see if you agree with the assessment. The Coffeehouse Film Review and the Tampa Film Review, now in the domain of history, will also have their own stand-alone web sites, with unique content about them, to ensure that everyone knows about them and does not forget.
In 2014, we will spend a few months editing and adding content to the over 500 pages of the old Tampa Film Blog, and will republish the reformatted content here on our new Tampa Bay Film Blog. That valuable, insightful information will not be going away. It's here to stay, because history is very important to everyone, and you, the people, need to know what is going on. Those who do not study history and learn from it are doomed to repeat it, and we need that insight to pave the way for progress in Tampa Bay independent film!
We will make everyone in the Tampa Bay independent film scene accountable for what they say and do. We will make sure that they can be researched, and that their successes, and failures, can be easily known. This is an important, and crucial, step to helping the independent film scene in Tampa Bay to be finally put on the map in the future, and be appropriately respected as a legitimate player and powerhouse in the independent film industry. We will help the weak and the unethical leave the market, as they will pay for their sins. We will also support those whom deserve it. If you are good and talented, we are your friend, an we will be a powerful ally. If you are not, you will have to shape up or improve, or you will not succeed. Don't worry, though, as we will give you a chance to improve before we help your new Tampa Bay Film-enhanced competition drive you from the market and put you out of business; We will show you what you are doing wrong and how to fix it, and, if you work hard and start acting like professionals, you will be able to adapt and remain a part of the independent film scene here in Tampa Bay.
You're welcome!
Tampa Bay Film will also do our part to support and advance independent film in Tampa Bay. We will be producing a Tampa Bay Film Podcast series. We will be producing the most sophisticated, comprehensive network of film festivals and indie film industry events in Florida, as well as the United States. With our production partners, we will also produce an ongoing series of independent film projects, and will document and publish every aspect of the production of these film projects so that they will serve as inspiration, and as a free online tutorial for a new generation of talented filmmakers to follow (This will be devastating for those who try to make money off of aspiring filmmakers with their overpriced workshops and so-called film schools, as it is our opinion that they will deserve it. It is also our opinion that they do nothing to support or advance indie film in our area, and that their motives are questionable, at best. We do not support them, and will be working hard to undermine and disrupt their agenda. We will be producing indie filmmaking workshops, too, workshops which are not only more relevant and effective for making independent films here, but offered free of charge! We’d like to see these idiots compete with that!). There is going to be a revolution in the Florida independent film industry, and it will center here in Tampa Bay. We will join with others to work hard toward making the Tampa Bay area a worldwide leader in the independent film industry, and the most innovative indie films ever done will be here.
10 years from now, most of the current players in Tampa Bay independent film will no longer be a part of the scene (which will make us very happy!), and that will be a good thing because the only thing that most of them have succeeded in is holding back the progress of indie film in Tampa Bay, in our opinion. The independent film scene here will no longer be dominated by aspiring politicians who claim to support indie film, but who's actions betray their words as they sell out their fimmaking brothers and the film scene. Tampa Bay independent film will be led and controlled by a new generation of filmmakers. It will be as it should be, and as it needs to be, as it is our opinion that most of the current players have not only failed to support and advance the scene, but that they put their own self-serving interests ahead of the greater good, while misrepresenting their efforts, and are responsible for crippling indie film in Tampa Bay!
Hollywood needs to stay away from Tampa Bay, too! We do not need competition coming here with deep pockets and undermining the independent film scene. Don’t fall for the propaganda stating that there are jobs for independent filmmakers with these outside productions, too, as, historically, it is not true, and a few token gigs don’t change anything. It is also our opinions that the current large film festivals, such as the Gasparilla International Film Festival and the Sunscreen Film Festival are too “Hollywood”-centric, and are used to market the Tampa Bay area as a location for outside production companies at the expense of local independent film. It is our opinion that local filmmakers who do not realize this (or want to realize this), and support these efforts, are idiots with no business sense, and need to be accountable for helping to sell out the filmmaking scene. We need leaders, and not mindless followers! Think that we are going to stand for this? Think again! Revolution is going to happen, and those who are not for us, are against us, and we will drive them from the market, and from the industry!
10 years from now, in 2023, Hollywood will not think of the Tampa Bay area as a location to be used for their next production, at the expense of indie film. The local government will not think about importing film business here while humoring indie filmmaking, like we believe it has been doing. Independent film in Tampa Bay will finally be respected, and it will be an export, as Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment world will look here for their next film to buy and distribute.
Of course, to make this future a reality, we all need to start working together now, and this is why Tampa Bay Film is here.

03/23/13/1200 - 03/23/13/1200 - 04/16/13/0900 - 05/11/13/0900 - 06/14/13/0900 - 07/05/13/0820 - 08/09/13/1914 - 09/10/13/0928 - 09/29/13/0621 - 03/28/14/1953 - 03/28/14/2027 - 05/22/14/0836 - 05/28/14/1251

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